I’m always surprised at the amount of questions I get on my sites and their content.

Even though this domain is not that interesting, I get a lot of questions about it — and some of the same questions tend to pop up over and over again. Having to choose between hiring a press agent and making an FAQs page, I chose the latter — and here it is.


What does “Without Feathers” mean?

It’s derived from an Emily Dickinson poem; the term implies “without hope”. Learn more at the About page.

Are you hosting?


Are you accepting affiliates?

Not at the moment.


Can I post your work(s) on my own site or a message board?

Perhaps. Please e-mail me to ask permission first. (Oh, and not to state the obvious or anything, but it helps if you’re polite. You’d be amazed at how many peremptory e-mails I get, telling me to turn over my work like it’s my duty. If you write like that, you won’t even get a response.)

Can I copy one of your works for my school assignment?

No. In case you didn’t know, turning in someone else’s work as your own is called plagiarism, and that’s against the rules in every school I’ve ever heard of. If you get caught plagiarizing (and trust me, you will — my mother’s a teacher, I’ve seen her in action), you’ll be suspended, put on academic probation, or even kicked out of school. Plus, I just don’t want to let you reap the scholastic benefits of my own labor — why should I go to all the trouble of looking up sources, formulating theories, and writing a decent essay, just so you can skip all that work and pretend it’s yours? Also, my essays are all listed in multiple search engines — meaning that, should you turn in my essay as your own work and should your teacher decide to put a few phrases into a search engine and look it up online, your ass is busted. I’ve already gotten a few referrals from anti-plagiarism sites, which means that a few folks have already gotten caught.

Can I cite one of your works for my school assignment?

No. The essays I’ve written are school papers and opinion pieces, not scholarly articles; I am not an expert on any of those subjects, and should not be treated as such. Do what I did, and go to the library; you’ll find better, more up-to-date sources there.

Then could you send me your source list, so I could use those?

I don’t have my source lists anymore. In the years since I wrote those papers, I’ve moved twice and thrown out tons of stuff, probably including the original papers and their source lists. Sorry.

Will you help me with my school assignment?

No. I’m not a professional teacher or tutor, and I simply don’t have the time. Sorry.


Why don’t you use blogging software?

Too many bad experiences, I guess — blogging software works great for some people, but for me it’s always been a headache to maintain. Either my MySQL databases seize up and stop working, or I lose my posts when a server goes down, or I get everything all set up in one blogging system and then a better one comes out. Besides, I just like to code my own pages by hand; it gives me more control, and it lets me try out new coding tricks.

I filled out the comments form, but my comment never showed up on the page.

That’s not really a traditional blog comment form; it’s an e-mail form. Your message won’t show up on the page; it’s mailed directly to my inbox instead.


Where do you get all those articles?

Everywhere; some I write myself, some I find online, some I get from my family and friends.

Can I use one of your articles/quizzes/whatevers on my own site?

Certainly, if I’ve labeled it as one I found online. If it’s one I’ve written myself, please e-mail me first and ask; I’ll probably say yes, I just want to know where it’s going.


Maybe, if I really, really like your site. (Don’t be offended if I don’t link you; I’m just ridiculously picky.) Drop me an e-mail with your URL and I’ll come by your site for a visit.